Ted Ondrick Co. was started by Ted Ondrick Sr. in 1937 to provide construction services to our local community. Ted’s motto was each client was a neighbor and was to be treated with honesty and integrity.

Tadj Ondrick Jr. joined his father in 1963, bringing a wealth of civil engineering ingenuity to the company. The company soon expanded its community services by offering construction materials from their sand & gravel pits, as well as its granite quarry. In 1973, Ted Ondrick Co. had the first drum mix asphalt plant in Massachusetts. As the recycling concept developed, Ted Ondrick Co. became a resource to implement regional recycling by using recycled asphalt (RAP) in 1976. This allowed the community to recycle, rather than landfill – asphalt, concrete, and soil materials.

In 1979, Tadj Ondrick Jr. designed and built a crushing plant to handle reinforced concrete, thus originating a blend of concrete, asphalt, and gravel – and then calling it “Hard-Pac.” It is a Mass DEP approved model for concrete disposal and recycling.

In 1992, the newly developed soil remediation plant was one of the first in-state Class A Hazardous Waste Recyclers. Later becoming its own entity of the family business, Ondrick Materials & Recycling’s cold mix asphalt plant is a fully MADEP permitted Class A recycler for petroleum and gas impacted soils. In addition to the stationary facility, a portable contaminated soil processing plant was developed – this was the first in Massachusetts to be able to move from location to location and process on-site. The scope of work often includes demolition, excavation, on-site crushing and screening, remediation, backfill, grading, and paving.

Shortly after, Ondrick Natural Earth (O.N.E.) was established in 2006 as a regional source of hardscape and masonry supplies. Consistent with Ondrick history, organic resources are utilized in preparation for bulk distribution and in hardscape residential and commercial applications. Ondrick Natural Earth provides bulk products such as stone, sand, and mulch, in addition to hardscape supplies. O.N.E.’s hardscape products are visible all throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut, not only at private residences but at business settings including the Healing Garden at Cooley Dickinson Hospital and the Veteran’s Memorial in Stanley Park.

In 2014, Ted Ondrick Co. was isolated as its own independent establishment and the Ondrick Companies rebranded and became Ted Ondrick Materials Group. The Ted Ondrick Materials Group rebrand was to show the different extensions and the scope of the business, consisting of Ted Ondrick Company, Ondrick Materials & Recycling, and Ondrick Natural Earth. Third generation leadership now helps to serve a larger community while following our founding motto: Each client is a neighbor and is to be treated with honesty and integrity.

At Ted Ondrick Materials Group we bridge the gap between new technologies and customer needs. Ted Ondrick Materials Group continues to lead the industry in innovative solutions while maintaining a customer first approach.