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Permanent, DIY asphalt repair used to be impossible. Now, it’s professional strength—and it’s EZ.

Small asphalt repairs with standard cold mix always fail. Permanent repair requires hot mix—which isn’t feasible for small repairs. But EZ Street Asphalt is a cold, ready-to-use product that’s guaranteed permanent. Use it anywhere you’d use hot mix: potholes, manhole surrounds, utility cuts, ramps, cart paths, even concrete sidewalk repair.

Hello, 1-2-3 simplicity. To fill a pothole, just sweep it out, pour in the EZ Street, and compact it. You’re done. It’s guaranteed to outlast the surrounding pavement.

It even works in water. EZ Street’s modified polymer formulation displaces water. It’s also workable in any weather. If you want to fill potholes in January, you can.

Ready to show potholes who’s boss? EZ Street is available in loose bulk, and in 50-pound bags.

For More Information, head to the EZ Street website.