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729 Fuller Road
Chicopee MA 01020

Sand & Gravel

We have samples right out front our main entrance and you are welcome to take a walk, or drive, around our bulk bins. Bulk Material is sold by the cubic yard. We have a 1 and 2 cubic yard bucket for our loader. If you need half a cubic yard, or a quarter, we are able to do that.*

You can bring your own 5 gallon bucket and fill it up for $4.00

*Loading Disclaimer*

Ondrick Natural Earth, LCC is set up as a bulk material facility. If you purchase bulk materials for pickup at our location you are authorizing Ondrick Natural Earth, LCC to load your vehicle or trailer using a front end loader. Although our loader is able to choose between a 1 cubic yard and 2 cubic yard bucket, both volume and weight of the material needs to be considered by the owner of the vehicle prior to authorizing Ondrick Natural Earth, LLC to load your vehicle.

Ondrick Natural Earth, LLC will do its best to keep materials from spilling onto the customer’s vehicle, but some loose material is likely to spill out. We ask that the customer take all proper precautions for protecting their vehicle or trailer form any material that may spill out of the bucket. By authorizing Ondrick Natural Earth, LLC to load your vehicle you assume full responsibility for any damage resulting from spillage of material. Accordingly, Ondrick Natural Earth, LLC assumes no responsibility for damages which may result from loading materials.

Thank You,
Ondrick Natural Earth